A serious public transport strike in the Netherlands

Sunday, 1 July, 2018 First published on Libcom.org, here: http://libcom.org/blog/serious-public-transport-strike-netherlands-01072018 Edited a bit. A serious public transport strike in the Netherlands There is some serious strike action going on in the Netherlands. Regional public transport – mainly bus, but also some regional train lines – has seens substantial strikes. Also, there have been strikes of […]

Anarchism: basic concepts – Rotterdam lecture notes, more or less

Saturday, 29 October 2016 On 27 October, I did a talk in Rotterdam on ‘Anarchism: basic concepts’. It is the first talk in a series of five. A written version of the talk – not the exact words, but the braod outline of the story, and some additions – follow below. Anarchism- Basic concepts Introduction Anarchism […]

Racist tide in the Netherlands encounters opposition

Wednesday, 6 januari 2016 This article was written for Doorbraak, where it is published already in an illustrated version and with even more hyperlinks. It is also a blog piece on Libcom. By the way, happy and subversive new year to all of you 🙂 The Netherlands is experiencing a wave of racist, sometimes openly violent, […]

The Hague, Netherlands: the heat is on

Thursday, 2 July, 2015/ donderdag 2  juli 2015 Below is an article I just wrote for Libcom.org and posted there. The police killing of Mitch Henriquez has led to three nights of protest and anti-police resistance in The Hague, Several hundreds of young people were out on the hot streets, confronting the cops. The police […]

Dear Cheerleaders, we need to have a chat about imperialism

Saturday, 4 April, 2015 Written for Libcom, and just published on my blog there. In Rojava, in the North of Syria, Kurdish fighters are struggling against IS, Islamic State. That struggle deserves out interest, because it is not just a fight between armed groups fighting for territory but at the same time a struggle for a different […]

Romania: resistance against corporate environmental destruction and politics-as-usual

Thursday 12 September 2013 This article, on insistent protests against an environmentallt destructive mining project in Romania, was written for ROARmag.org, where a slightly differently edited version can already be found, together with a very useful comment on the article. For 8 consecutive days, people in Romania have been protesting a planned mining project in […]